Compare Jano Hindi

Jano Hindi Classes Advantage Other Hindi Classes
Extremely High standards in every aspect –curriculum, textbook, workbook, activities, games, complete program, teaching methodology, registration, customer service Average
Unparalleled Program: Unique, engaging, well planned for each minute of each day! Average
Unparalleled textbook/workbook: Children love them so much that they will do on their own! Average
High Energy, Creative, Interactive, Fun, Learning Environment Average to Nonexistent
Unparalleled teacher resources: Level appropriate games, puzzles, manipulative, story books etc. Nonexistent
Professional and trained Jano Hindi Staff with regular staff development seminars Nonexistent staff development and/or volunteer staff
Inclusive of Jano Hindi Bee (speak/read/write) contest in March of every year: Medals & trophies for 4 divisions : $50 Value No such opportunity
Year-end Jano Hindi medals and certificates for all levels(Levels 1-5) None
Mid-year & year-end evaluations to guide the parents None
Designed for kids attending American school system Designed for kids in Indian school system
Unique Bonus for each kid on first day of class None
Worlds Only Flash Online Games at JanoIndia.org/KidsCorner & Products such as – Scrabble Tiles, Hindi Stamps, Hindi Stickers, Hindi Blocks, Diwali Stickers at JanoHindi.org None
Very large number of convenient locations (more than 55 sites in greater bay area) Usually only one site
Unparalleled Pricing for the quality of classes: $15-17/hour Higher pricing with less engaging class or lower price with less than desired quality of program and textbooks